Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Danielewski Code

     If you’re unfamiliar with the name Mark Danielewski, then you’re missing out.  Author of the incredible House of Leaves, Danielewski is nothing if not inventive and challenging.  And his newest challenge seems to be on his Twitter page.  
     Throughout last December, most of Danielewski’s tweets began with the phrase “As a darkness nears,” or “As a darkness gathers,” or “As a darkness falls.”  On January 1st, he tweeted the following:

It contained a link to this image:

On January 17, and every two weeks since then, he has posted what I have to assume is a code of some kind.  He has posted nothing else.

Attached to each is a photo of pitch black square:

Either symbolism for the emptiness of human life or
he forgot to remove the lens cap 

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to help crack the Danielewski Code.  Good look, and try not to get lost.



  1. Oh that's really...Danielewski like. Dose he have a new book coming out soon?

  2. I thought maybe they were ISBN numbers but Google doesn't turn up anything. Interesting!