Wednesday, April 3, 2013


            Holy crap!  This is a Mexican standoff, isn’t it?  How the hell did I end up in a Mexican standoff?  I only bought this gun to impress that girl from my political science class, I’ve never even fired it!  Oh god, what –

                                              – does this idiot think he’s doing?   He’s a second away from getting his head blown off and… His safety is on!  That little yuppie is pointing a gun at me, and the safety is still on.  That’s great.  I bet the thing’s not even loaded.  I bet the idiot doesn’t even know –

             – he has the code.  It is in his cell phone.  I am to retrieve the code and leave it at dead drop.  Upon delivery I will be paid second half of fifty thousand dollars.  I did not expect any trouble.  The –  
                     – FBI has been watching this guy for three years.  Didn’t think he’d be working with foreign powers, especially considering –

                                                                   – I have no idea what I’m doing!  Why is the big guy snarling and glaring at my pockets?  He’s pointing a gun at me; should I point my gun at him?  I have no idea –

                           – how the FBI got their information.  They must have their own sources.  Maybe I will get a chance to interrogate the agent before I leave the country.  Perhaps he will… wait a second.  Is his –
                                   – safety on!  My safety is on!  What do I do?  I have to get out of here!
                                               – click

                                         – click click click

                                                                                     – click?

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